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Boosted has some of the best electric skateboards on the market to date. They have a board for everyone: solid boards for long rides and boards for shorter commutes that are easy to carry along.

With a Boosted Board you are buying an electric skateboard that has proven its worth. We ship every Boosted Boards electric skateboard throughout Europe for free.

Looking for parts? See our Boosted Parts section.

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If you buy a Boosted Board electric skateboard you know that you are buying a premium product and the best electric skateboard on the market.

Fatdaddy is the biggest partner of Boosted in Europe and we are also their repair service for electric skateboards and the electric scooter.

Buying a Boosted Board electric skateboard with Fatdaddy assures you with fast delivery to every EU country, premium service and the best accessories for Boosted Boards on the market.

Buy a Boosted Board Electric Skateboard in Europe


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