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Thursday, 14 March 2019 / Published in Electric Skateboard
Evolve took their GT Series back to the drawing board. Improving the GT Series to be more resistant and easier to convert. And new customers don’t even have to wait on these upgrades, as the improved boards have already been shipped silently! The improvements are a warm welcome for Evolve World Cup participants as they
Wednesday, 13 March 2019 / Published in Onewheel
Future Motion has just revealed their latest addition to the Onewheel product line. Introducing the Onewheel Pint: affordable, smaller and gentler to ride on for beginners. Past Onewheel product updates focussed on getting more range, speed and power. The Pint takes things in a different direction for Future Motion, focussing more on the everyday commuter.
Monday, 11 March 2019 / Published in e-scooters
Ministers are considering overturning a decades-long ban on electric scooters, Segways and hoverboards as part of a wide-ranging review of the future of urban transport. Jesse Norman, the transport minister, said he would “look quite closely” at finding a way of allowing e-scooters and similar vehicles on the road – potentially through a permit or
Thursday, 07 March 2019 / Published in Electric Skateboard, How-To
Menno van Hout (19) is an all-round developer who is always looking for the latest technology and has been active in the esk8 world. His latest contribution is a battery calculator for DIY electric skateboards which you can find at esk8-calculators.com. Can you explain what exactly esk8-calculators offers?Esk8-calculators is useful for anyone who wants to
Thursday, 28 February 2019 / Published in Events
On the 11th of July 2019 Fatdaddy is setting off to the city of romance, the birthplace of the French Kiss and where you can get the best croissants. CarveUK and ESK8FR have organised a weekend full of electric skateboard fun. As for now we know that there will be an indoor (street) event, a
Tuesday, 26 February 2019 / Published in Blog
Read more about our Building partnerships in china series here. Building partnerships in China sounds great, but how are we going to achieve that? Asking ourselves this question was our main focus while re-watching our video pitch in front of the other teams.  After we had finished watching our video with the entire class, we
Thursday, 21 February 2019 / Published in Electric Skateboard
Germany is working on legalizing electric vehicles like skateboards, scooters and other forms of small electric transportation. This to relieve crowded city streets from cars. In many foreign cities such as Vienna, San Francisco and Madrid scooters and skateboards with electric drives are already allowed and part of every day travel. They are banned in