With a top speed of 43 kilometers per hour and range of almost 32 kilometers range the AER 557 electric scooter isn't your ordinary electric scooter, and have I told you that you can fold it up and it fits in the trunk of a Smart?

The 500w hub motor in the rear wheel is silent and free of maintenance. The wide bamboo footpad makes riding easy and fun.

AER Electric, the company behind the AER 557 has redesigned and reformed the electric scooter. British designed from the ground up, and engineered in Germany by an award-winning team, this next generation adult electric scooter Is a revolution for the modern age.

It glides silently and effortlessly across bumps and knocks providing a safer, smoother riding experience, the AER 557 is simply a joy to ride. A true commuter vehicle, totally unique and a global first in the electric revolution. The patent applied for hinge system allows the scooter to fold in half for easy space saving storage. Folded, the scooter will fit in almost any car.

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